Expanding Interior

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Anastasia Chloe

Expanding Interior explores the idea that personal domestic space can transcend its own physicality, becoming something larger than the sum of its parts. A home is more than its doors, walls, floors, and windows - it has a life of its own. When entering these spaces, the memories they hold are embedded within them, similar to the presence felt in sacred places.
My childhood home has been in my family for generations. It has stood empty for the past several years, frozen in time with belongings still scattered about, like glimpses into the lives lived within. Every time I walk through the door, it’s as though the past and the present have converged. This slippage of time intertwines with the fragility of memory, altering the perception of the space itself.
In my work, I contemplate notions of interior and exterior spaces which dance between the tangible physical world and that of memory and emotion. I examine my own personal narratives while intertwining them with memories of lives before me. I pull inspiration from family keepsakes and heirlooms, specifically those passed down from the women in my family, such as cookbooks, dollhouses, candlesticks, and wedding dresses. While searching the attics of my own familial past I hope to discover a more universal truth about our shared present moment.



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Cyanotype 22” X 16” Anastasia Chloe NFS On Loan from UNI Gallery of Art