One of a Kind: 

Mosaic Quilts


Traci Utley

My art quilts are truly one of a kind.  They are an expression of different topics that I love.  Whether it is landscape, statues, portraits or miscellaneous subjects, I put a great deal of time and love into each piece.   The quilts are made of hundreds of pieces of fabrics that are placed together to convey the lights and shadows that create the topic.  They may look like a picture that is printed on fabric, but trust me, that is not the case.  I love the uniqueness of it and the way it lets me express myself.  I also have a Facebook and Instagram page titled Traci Utley Designs.  

I started with traditional quilting more than 35 years ago, by making quilts for all my family.  My friends received baby quilts when their children were born.  I made multiple baby quilts for my kids when they were little. My children and all my nieces and nephews, received a quilt for their high school graduation.   I was ready for a change about 14 years ago and decided to take a try at mosaic quilts.  I have continued to pursue making art quilts.  It gives me a chance to express myself.  I enjoy picking out fabrics and combining them in ways few people would expect.  Along with quilting I feel I can express myself artistically through my photography, gardening, canning, knitting and fiber dyeing.



New Month, New Exhibit!

Every month CCAC hosts a new artist.  Here are some images from past exhibits. Most of the artists are regional.

Anastasia Chloe


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