One short month, two exceptional exhibits

We will be hosting two exhibits for the month of February:

"Selections from the Dr. Salsbury Collection". These original prints and paintings are part of a large collection of art purchased by Dr. Salsbury, who founded Dr. Salsbury Laboratories here in Charles City.  

In honor of Black History Month we are pleased to present "Behind the Beat", and educational exhibit about the history of African American music. This traveling exhibit is on loan from the African American Museum of Iowa.

City Glory: Two
Punkin' Head Goes to Meetin"
Josephine Baker movie poster
Fisk Jubilee Singers 1870-1880
African Drummers



New Month, New Exhibit!

Every month CCAC hosts a new artist.  Here are some images from past exhibits. Most of the artists are regional.

Anastasia Chloe


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