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"In the Family of Things"

Angela Waseskuk & Minako Shirakura

Angela Waseskuk works in drawing and textiles with an interest in incorporating elements of the natural world through observation, natural dyes, and mixed media. After leaving a career in higher education, her role as an arts educator evolved to include a residency as a teaching artist, leading workshops, and retreat co-facilitation, while also growing her studio practice in Iowa.

"It is my ambition to present work that focuses on our most human moments, the ones that are at home in the smallest of occurrences, that don’t always register as significant but fill most of our minutes, hours, and days. The ones we grieve the most when they are altered or we lose them completely. The ones that make up a lifetime. I value connection in many forms, and my current work explores the relationships of these small acts of life to deeper, more universal rhythms. "


Minako Shirakura works with a wide range of mediums in various forms, from small objects to site-specific installations. She has exhibited her work in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Japan, Czech Republic, Norway, the United States, and China. Shirakura currently resides in Japan.  "Interests in the extraordinariness of the ordinary often lie in my work. Making is, for me, a way of having a dialogue. Through this dialogue, I hope to reach something that I cannot quite grasp in other ways and to review something that is often taken for granted otherwise."



New Month, New Exhibit!

Every month CCAC hosts a new artist.  Here are some images from past exhibits. Most of the artists are from Iowa.



Interested in having a show at the Charles City Arts Center?

Our exhibits last one month and come with support from our friendly staff, an opening reception and lots of publicity!

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.


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