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Updated: Feb 10, 2021

M. J. Kitzman

City Glory: Two 1970

Acrylic on sealed canvas/ panel

We're back! After our regular January hiatus for maintenance. We had our annual meeting, gave the galleries a fresh coat of paint, and got caught up on a lot of work. Our membership drive has launched, and is going well. New exhibits, classes and more! So let's get to it.

Annual Meeting

We had our annual meeting on Wednesday January 20th. Of course we were online over Zoom and so less of an attendance than most years. We discussed our events and classes from the previous year and upcoming plans for the current year. This is the 60th anniversary year for the Charles City Arts Council, so stay tuned for more on that. Art A Fest planning is underway. Most of our affiliates had little to report due to COVID19. We also welcomed the newest affiliate, The Cultural Equity Board.

Elissa Ellis was nominated and confirmed as a new board member, and Linda Wolff presided over her last board meeting as president.

January Maintenance/ Membership Drive

Over the "off" month we got a lot of work done. Not having an exhibit gave us the the chance to clear wall space to get the galleries repainted. Thanks go out to Sherwin Williams for matching the paint perfectly, and Linda Wolff for helping paint. More items were added to the Galleria and thanks to a grant we've been able to up our photography game.

The newsletter went out for members and our membership drive is in full swing. If you want to become a member or haven't sent yours in, you can bring it in to the Center, mail it in, or join us online at


This month we have two, yes TWO exhibits. In honor and observance of Black History Month.

We have a traveling exhibit from The African American Museum of Iowa."Behind The Beat", is an exploration of African American music from its roots in Africa, to the modern day. This exhibit is up all month and will feature a selected soundtrack following the history.

Our visual art component is a selection from the Dr. Joseph Salsbury Collection and spans the mid 60s through the mid 80s. Here are a couple of examples.

M. Sine

Punkin' Head Goes to Meeting"

Oil on canvas

Richard E. Leet

Owed to Albers 1968

Watercolor, graphite on paper

Here is our video showing the show from our facebook account.

As always these works are best viewed in person. Please let us know if you want to schedule a personal visit during our open hours. 1-5pm Wed-Fri and 10am-2pm Sat. Appointments are optional masks are not. Thanks for your interest and stay safe and healthy and if you are feeling hungry for some art come on in and Discover Your Center.

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