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July 4th Fun and Underwater Themed Art

JULY 2023 - We kicked off our July by participating in the 4th of July parade here in lovely Charles City. My daughter and I made a few posters for Emily's ice cream tricycle and we bought 900 3 packs of crayons and about 400 freeze pops to hand out. It was a blast.

Emily's son Lew drove the bike and her husband Par walked and handed out goods. I walked with my wife and son and then my daughter joined after already walking the whole route with the HS marching band. As well, we had Meredith Hamm our kids art class instructor along with 2 of her regular students.

You think you have enough supplies... I thought 900 was maybe excessive, but ... we ran out with 4 blocks left. Next year we get better. I have a few ideas on how to tie the parade back into the arts center and hopefully increase visitors. We'll see!

Here are a few photos from that fun day:

L-R: Par, Lew, Meredith and my wife with the 2 students in the background, and my son - not looking at the camera.

Meredith and her students. Selfie.

Par and I in action, making sure everyone got crayons.

My kids.


We opened a new show last night, Friday 7/7. Our very own Meredith Hamm brought her work in for July.

"Dead Reckoning" is a collection of her recent nautical themed work that includes a handful of octopus sculptures and photographs of whales. Meredith and Emily decorated the arts center so, hopefully, you all felt like you were going under water to view the exhibit. If you didn't feel that at first, hopefully after a few glasses of wine at the reception, that got easier for you.

Speaking of the reception.... we had a good crowd of fine folks. Food and beverages sponsored by Tellurian Brewing.

Here are a couple photos from the reception:

I flew solo on the reception, I think it went well. Many thanks to the volunteers that came in to help with the front desk and a big thanks to my lovely wife (talking to Nancy in the last photo) who helped set up and get food ready.

The exhibit is up all month, so if you missed the opening, fear not, you have time!


Christmas in July approaches. It all goes down on Saturday July 15th. Local businesses will be having sales and I even heard that Santa will be around. Its a great opportunity to get some early gift buying done.


There are no kids classes this month, but August plans are underway. Stay tuned!

Until then, we do have Open Studio time available on Saturdays if you are interested in making some pottery. 10-2PM. The cost is $25 for members and $35 for non-members. Per month. We have everything here to complete the work, you just need to bring your creative hands.

For more information about Open Studio time or anything else you can call us at 641-228-6284 or email us at

Or stop in!

Our hours are W-F 1-5PM and Saturday from 10-2.

Hope you all have and are having a great summer!

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