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June 2022 Update

CHARLES CITY, Iowa - It seems like that chilly Spring is behind us and the road ahead is all flowers and BBQs... at least for a few months. Your Charles City Arts Center has been going through some changes as well. We have added new artists, new classes and a new employee (me).

I will introduce myself... Hello, my name is Karl Haglund. My mother - Gunilla Vikman - was the person responsible for my love of art. She worked in many mediums throughout her life. Her earlier work was primarily acrylic, but the last 10-15 years of her life were focused mostly on watercolor work. You may have seen her "Troll" paintings? She loved doing those.

- I would insert a photo of her work here, but the vast majority of her photos are blurry from this time period... she did not see real great.

I started painting in my early 20's but gave up for about 10 years. I started briefly again while living in St Louis. But, it wasn't until I had graduated from UNI (anthropology 2010) that I reignited that fire. I started working with oil paint, but switched to acrylic after a year. I did not have the patience that oils require. I still don't.

I was very fortunate to have struck a chord with buyers around 2012 with my series of guitar paintings. I ended up dropping out of grad school at UNI (Master of Public Policy program) to pursue being an artist full time. It actually worked for about 10 years. I shipped my original paintings and prints all over the world and to all 50 states. And I got to meet some really cool people along the way and do some really great shows. I worked with some well-known musicians too, doing some work for both Billy Bragg and Jason Isbell.

Along that journey I also became a photographer - mostly digital, but I dabbled in 35mm and medium format film as well.

This is a photo of my head photoshopped onto a Twilight Zone background:

My Keith Richards "Sonny" Telecaster painting:

Enough about me...


Some cool new work in the North gallery includes 2 recent Charles City HS grads. Both young men are interested in pursuing pottery and I would agree that they should, based on the quality of their work.

TinoTamayo's work:


Jakob Sindlinger's work:

Our North gallery has many other works from area potters and artists across multiple genres - various sizes and prices and colors. All really cool and inspired work.


June exhibit:

Our current show by Iowa City artist Chloe Allgood is up for another week and a half and if you haven't seen it - we invite you to come on in and check it out. The show titled "Charmed Circle" is a series of acrylic work based on her travels and people she knows or has known. Its a very colorful exhibit and worth your time if you can.


We also have lots of great classes coming up like Doodlebugs for toddlers and a 4th of July/red white and blue themed class - both taught by CC educator Meredith Hamm. Great opportunities to get those kids out of the house for a bit... I mean help them grow their love of art!

You can stop in and register at the art center W-F 1-5PM or on Saturday from 10-2.

Info is available on our website here: CCARTS


Art-A-Fest also approaches quickly. The 49th annual event will be held August 20th from 10-4pm in Central Park across from the art center. Art, food, interactive arts and live entertainment.

More info here: Art-A-Fest

We hope you are well and enjoying your summer!

- Karl

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1 Comment

Nancy Clarke
Nancy Clarke
Jun 18, 2022

Very informative article. Thanks Karl.



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