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News and a New Addition

A New Addition to our Permanent Collection

We have had this lovely quilt by Janet Pittman, donated to us by her son Robert. "Carnegie Legacy" was made in June 2016 for the Iowa Art Quilters Historical Buildings Challenge. I might be biased but I think it should have won grand prize. This piece can be viewed in our "library" room alongside some of our 3D art collection. Thanks Robert for the great addition.

Art-A-Fest Update

Well another Art-A-Fest is in the books! Thank you to all of the people that took the time to purchase online. There were of course some technical, as well as operator errors, but for a first run of this scale I think we did OK. We would have loved a much bigger event in the park, but safety first. None of this would have worked in any way without the hard work and leadership of Ashley Koebrick Schmidt, and the Art-A-Fest board members. We had a great group of volunteers too! Thank yous to our great artists as well. Here's to hoping next year is a bit more traditional.

Here are a couple of photos of all the actions behind the scenes, and a video of our skilled professional volunteers.

Well that's all for this week. Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions or ideas for blog content let us know at Just put Blog in the subject line.

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