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Opening Reception For Mural Artists Was A Success

CHARLES CITY, Iowa - The worlds greatest Arts Center (personal opinion) hosted an opening reception for our 2 new mural artists, Molly Keen and Andrea Ehrhardt on Wednesday the 20th of September. The event was a whole mess of fun.

Final tally shows that close to 50 people came out to celebrate with us. On a Wednesday night. Our community of art lovers should be super proud of what we are doing in this small little suburb of Colwell that we locals lovingly call Chucktown. We continue to have impressive attendance at our openings and I for one THANK YOU. Such a cool thing and we should all high-five each other. Many artists say these receptions are their biggest. Awesome.

I tried to capture the events as best as I could with my iphone. Following are those photos.

Thank you! Hope you all have an incredible week and find new favorite artists and new favorite work.

Pics or it didn’t happen:

Molly Keen (white sweatshirt and hat)

Artrist Andrea Ehrhardt (center in red shirt) and her assistants Colleen and Kaylee (Spelling?) on the left.

And please enjoy this blurry selfie (I enjoyed the Tellurian Brewing sponsorship last night) with long time Arts Center volunteer and supporter, Julie.

Be kind and love people!

- Karl

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