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Back To School

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Students during the 1918 Flu epidemic. Florida Memory/State Archives of Florida

It's back to school time again! Some of the things are the same and others... well not so much. Just look at this photo of Don Hoover and Joe Sistrunk of Starke Florida. We can do this. However you are going "Back to School", the art center is here to supplement and enhance art classes for younger students. We can also help the older ones with Open Studio time in our pottery room and volunteer opportunities for Silver Cord.

Kids Art Club

The Summer may be over but our classes for students K-6 continue. The classes are taught by Merideth Hamm (the new elementary Art teacher) here at the Arts Center. Here is the info for the September classes.

Open Studio and Silver Cord Hours

We offer studio space and materials in our pottery room. We have everything needed from clay to kiln. The cost is 30$ for 30 days, but if you are a member we take off 5$. That's less than a dollar a day! Space is limited due to social distancing but we are happy to try and make something work.

The art center is always looking for volunteers. We have many different projects that we need help with. If you are or have a student that is working towards a Silver Cord. Some students have even kept coming back even when they had met the 200 hours. Not an "Artsy" type? No problem! Here are some examples of ways you can volunteer.

  • Photography and videography. We have need of photographers for our Online Galleria.

  • Greeting guests and customers.

  • Historical research and document gathering.

  • Basic cleaning, dusting, mopping.

  • Gardening.

  • Cataloging and organizing.

  • Social media and web design.

  • Fundraising and grant writing.

  • Food Prep and table service.

  • Animal wrangling

Ok... That last one is probably not a thing, but there are probably things I'm not thinking of. All ideas are good with us if we can use them. At the moment of course social distancing and other measures are in effect. Applications for volunteering can be had here at the Center during normal business hours. Not a student anymore? Don't care about a Silver Cord? We still want you. The Arts Center is a pretty cool place to hang out and make a difference in the community. Who knows you might even want to get on the Board of Directors, or like me, end up with a job.

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