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New Year, New Exhibit, New Classes and Events, New Blog

CHARLES CITY, Iowa - It is impossible to believe that it is February already...But, it's true. I even just doublechecked the calendar. It is.

We kicked off our first month back with an opening reception for the work of Juliette Daley. A show called "From The Northern Kingdom" featuring her work with acrylic plus a few of her drawings/assemblages. Interesting work. We always seem to get great shows here among the frozen rural North Iowa plains.

The exhibit will be up for the entire month, so if you missed the opening, have no fear!

Here are a couple photos from last night:


We are also kicking off 2024 with a new reception sponsor through May. Jeremy Rogstad State Farm Insurance have invested in the Arts Center for the first 4 receptions and we are very thankful and excited to have them as art supporters in our community. They are great people and their commitment to the Arts Center helps us continue our mission of promoting and encouraging art and artists in the North Iowa area. We are also able to continue with our free and open to the public approach to sharing the arts in our community. We fell that is an important goal and so does the Rogstad State Farm family.

Here is a good place to thank Jeremy and family for their belief in our mission: Jeremy Rogstad State Farm


Arts Center Receives Big Boost from Floyd County Community Foundation

The Charles City Arts Center is making a key improvement to their facility for 2024 - new gallery lighting. 

The enormous project has no specific start and end date as of yet, but Assistant Director, Karl Haglund, is hopeful for late summer or early Fall. 

“It is a very expensive project, especially for an Arts Center in rural Iowa, but we have begun to see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ in some regards.”

The Arts Center recently received a grant from the Floyd County Community Foundation for $10,000. That gift will cover almost half of the huge financial undertaking. 

“Its an exciting gift from them and one that is near and dear to my heart. Lighting is such an important part of exhibiting artwork and we have been sort of ‘making do’ for quite some time now”, said Haglund. 

Haglund said he is excited to get started on stage two of the project.

“I love this place, I think it is an extremely important entity in our community and anytime we can improve how we do things here or improve what we do, it becomes an essential task to us. We can not thank the Floyd County Community Foundation enough!’ 

Haglund is hopeful for another successful grant and coupled with some possible other fundraising efforts, they hope for a ‘sooner than later’ completion. 

The Arts Center uses grants, donations, sponsorships, and memberships to maintain their free admission and free exhibit reception policy. 


We have a spoken word event on the 16th and kids classes this month as well.



Our membership drive for 2024 is underway. Membership is a great way to make your own investment in the Arts Center and our mission.

You can click HERE or stop in and sign up in person. We can't do this without you.

Thank you all for a great 2023 and we look forward to the new year and new art. We hope to see all of your smiling faces many, many times!

Charles City Arts Center

301 N Jackson St

Charles City, Iowa 50616


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