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Seasons Greetings and Holiday Happenings

CHARLES CITY, Iowa - The arts center is buzzing in December with lots of events and cool stuff. We kicked it all off on Friday December 1st with an opening reception sponsored by Tellurian Brewing for our yearly Holiday Art Market.

The Holiday Art Market is our way of showcasing local artists during the holidays. The hope is always to encourage the shopping of locally made art and to offer those artists a venue to display work. We think that is important. And it aligns with our mission statement:

"To encourage and advance the understanding and appreciation of the arts and to help create an environment in which the arts and artists may flourish."

The final exhibit reception was a success in terms of participation, but we did not sell anything. In fact, this year we have seen a dramatic drop in original art sales. We are brainstorming ways to do better in that regard. If you have suggestions or ideas or concerns, feel free to email those thoughts to

You can put "Hey Karl!" in the email subject.

You are a big part of our mission here and we want to be and do the best we can.

Last night was super fun. I spent the evening behind the "bar" spiking hot cocoa with Baileys and peppermint schnapps. I never actually tried one (see: my love of beer), but the feedback was festive and jolly. We are thinking of doing more things like that next year. A special mixed drink selection and station for each event. Do you like that idea?

It was great to see everyone's awesome faces last night. I snuck away from my cocoa duties to snap some photos as much as I could. They are blurrier than usual, but please remember that I was surrounded by all the wine and beer for the entirety of the event.

I kid... it was the lack of light.

Anyway... photos:


Dec. 16th.

We have a bounty of events this month. Next up is our Fireside Holiday Readings on the 16th - a holiday spoken word night. Board members will be reading short stories and poetry with a holiday theme. The event is free and public participation is encouraged. Bring your favorite poem or short to read! Should be a fun evening.


Dec 22nd

Eastman School of Music student and child of yours truly will be here from 5-7PM on Friday December 22nd to play some Christmas and jazz songs on the piano as well as sing.

The event is free, but Anders will have a tip jar available so he can Uber to and from his off campus acting class next semester and not have to walk home through the high crime area near campus after 10PM.

Come help keep my dude safe! Or just come enjoy some music.


December Art Classes are underway. Teacher Meredith Hamm is working with K-6th graders making holiday ornaments and salt snowflakes.

We hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season.

We appreciate your dedication to the area arts scene.

We could not do it without you!

Thank you!

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